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Ready to embark on a tropical escape?

Esteemed as a timeless haven for luxury in Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica. Finca Ron Ron opened its doors in December 2023 after a transformative renovation led by the owner. Infusing their internationally eco-chic style and mindful approach, the team has created this truly iconic lodge in the tropical landscapes of Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica.
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Luxury retreat

Our treehouse, adorned with modern decor and crafted from indigenous timbers, provide a tranquil sanctuary with enchanting views of the marine National Park of Bahia Ballena on the front and hundreds of rainforest acres on the back. Immerse yourself in the captivating natural beauty that unfolds around this exclusive haven in Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica.

Wilderness Wonders

Discover the enchanting marvels of the wilderness at Finca Ron Ron. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary landscape, a pristine retreat that captures the essence of nature where the rainforest meets the azure waters of the ocean and rivers. Discover the allure of this ancient region, as Finca Ron Ron invites you to explore the wonders of Bahia Ballena and its tropical splendors.