A country with no standing army, politically stable in Central America, boasts 5% of the world’s species in its cloud, rain, and dry forests along its 800 miles of coastline marked with two weather changes – dry season (Nov. – Apr.) and wet season (May – Nov.) This small country is experiencing rapid economic and population growth (mostly fueled by large number of foreign immigrants). The country’s literacy rate reaches over 95% with a life expectancy at birth of 79 years, indicator that surpass even some developed countries. This country offers World-Class Scenic and natural beauty, security around the visitor, Legal certainty for residential tourism investment projects, tax incentives for foreign investment, talented people/great human capital as a qualified work force as well as many other great advantages. Costa Rica has a solid proven track record with an overall an excellent business climate.


This region is part of the Osa Peninsula, claimed by National Geographic as “one of the most biologically intense regions on earth”, and a natural habitat for just about every type of wildlife known in the country. It is a place filled with exotic wildlife, friendly and diverse people and stunning natural landscapes. This region has the highest percentage of protected land dedicated to National Parks and Private Reserves. It includes Ballena Marine National Park, Caño Island Biological Reserve, the Térraba-Sierpe Mangroves, Corcovado National Park, Piedras Blancas National Park, Amistad International Park, Chirripó National Park, among many others. It contains an immensely varied topography, including high mountain plateaus to marine environments with tranquil beaches of pristine beauty and endless acres of lush rainforest and waterfalls.


Described by many as the “Best 25 mile corridor” in Central America, Bahia Ballena is a unique spot where the rainforest meets the Ocean. There are hidden treasures throughout the Bahia Ballena region of Costa Rica. Rushing rivers, majestic waterfalls, sun drenched beaches, and jungle covered mountains that drop right into the Pacific Ocean are all found in this natural paradise. Bahia Ballena, also known as “Costa Ballena” was named by locals because of the whales that mate off the coast of Bahia Ballena between the months of December and April.
It is described by many as one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world, with breathtaking beaches and fantastic views. Located in the southern Puntarenas province, this corridor includes the villages of Dominical, Uvita and Ojochal, all gravitating around the unique Marino Ballena National Park.





The town of Uvita is 3 miles from our project site. Uvita has direct access through two main excellent roads – coast or mountain. Its approximate driving time from the capital is 3:15 minutes or 125 miles/220km away – very confortable & safe drive on the new highway (Costanera). It is also well connected from various capital airports (international & municipal) daily flights, averaging 34 minutes of flight time from San Jose.

It is a convenient commercial hub for the many popular beach destinations nearby, offering a complete variety of every day amenities to make life very convenient. These include: restaurants, luxury hotels, supermarkets, appliance stores, art & craft vendors, banks, veterinarian, pharmacies, etc. It also has health care facilities and a major hospital nearby. Its own beach, part of the Marino Ballena National Park, is a great place to watch migrating humpback whales combined with exuberant rainforest. It’s shaped like a whale’s tale due to the fact that it’s situated where two neighboring bays meet. It’s great for swimming and snorkeling and spotting the olive Ridley and Hawksbill sea turtles that come onshore to lay their eggs.



This very unique and vast property is 1.7 million square meters (equivalent to 425 acres). It has a direct entrance from main capital coastal highway (Costanera), with an easy 1 mile access from beach & main highway (Costanera) to property entrance – the only way in which provides security management all year long. Property has a “flatter” lower level to facilitate gardening and a beautiful secured entrance feel into the future Villa’s complex.

The property has overwhelming views overlooking at Parque Marino Ballenas and Delta Térraba-Sierpe, with 180 degrees view of the ocean front line & 180 degrees to the High point view of Margarita Sierra Costeña (the highest rainforest mountain on the Pacific). It has abundant amount of natural water springs and astonishing wildlife. Easy to connect: power lines, water services and telephone/internet lines (ICE) services.




The sustainable development concept of Finca Ron Ron can play an incredible role in shaping the local community and will be a tremendous contribution to this wonderful region. Thus, the focus is on demonstrating a low-foot print development and growth activities in this extraordinary natural landscape, while maintaining a high level eco-luxury villa concept. We want to develop and create a sustainable state-of-the-art residential place, totally integrated to nature (bring the outside inside and vice versa), with outstanding open spaces with back & front views (lots of glass, natural woods, etc.), an infinity pool lining with ocean; all these development will include a unique by-product called “Smart home” (i.e. sustainable energy & medical support portals). We want to create a collection of homes to be top of the line range – geared to the high end adventure-luxury traveler.

Our villas must create a striking juxtaposition of opulence and wilderness, while maintaining a strong commitment to protecting the environment and the surrounding flora and fauna. They must have stylishly dramatic interiors that will blend in with natural and modern design, all to offer a sumptuous haven far away from the crowds. Homes will draw upon natural influences from across the region.

Our homes must set a standard in architectural design in the region.


While one goal of a 2nd home is to get away, another problem with remote second homes in a new country is a loss of community and difficulties in its day-to-day management. Finca Ron Ron must include a community center with a gym, pool, guest rooms for overflow guests, and meeting rooms for use when our home buyers decide to host clients and need a meeting room. The Guest Rooms will be staffed like a small bed and breakfast and offer a place to put a client without having to host them in your villa, or a mother in law.

We understand that Upkeep and maintenance and security, as well as managing rentals are all responsibilities that can make a 2nd home too much work. Between Smart Apps that allow our homeowners to control their home’s systems from their smart phone and a full time community staff of gardeners, security and property management.

Finca Ron Ron will offer a dream community of easy living. Among others, we want to include in our development a platform to allow for: Intelligent Home Automation Services: energy supply control, lighting control, electrical device control, climate control, maintenance alerts, multimedia center, etc.; Security Services: access control: real-time monitoring of your house and any threat alarms; Contracting Services: you will be able to plan, reserve, offer or hire any community or external service from your app. Administration Services: environmental cost, planned activities, payments, votes, notifications, claims, agenda, etc.; Real Estate Management: rental management during non-occupied periods of your house, with access to different platforms and tenant registration for community use.


House Project 3D sample WITHOUT real finishes…
Model integrated home on current property topography.
Concept is for all to be develop homes to flow in nature (minimum earth movement), fully integrating into environment/rain-forest, all based on modular luxury designs and fully renewable energy based.


As part of the commitment to the environment, approximately 300 acres of the property (70%) will be set aside as a natural reserve, with hiking trails and meditation spots for connecting with nature without even leaving the property, as it contributes to carbon credit generation.


The architecture will offer drama of form and texture with interiors that transition seamlessly with exterior spaces. By connecting a series of smaller forms, our villas will blend into the landscape and maximize views of the surrounding rain forest and ocean beyond. Drawing upon the natural traits of the property and the region, our home designs will blend natural and modern design to provide a private haven. Our homes will set a new standard for the region.