A country with no standing army, politically stable in Central America, boasts 5% of the world’s species in its cloud, rain, and dry forests along its 800 miles of coastline marked with two weather changes – dry season (Nov. – Apr.) and wet season (May – Nov.) This small country is experiencing rapid economic and population growth (mostly fueled by large number of foreign immigrants). The country’s literacy rate reaches over 95% with a life expectancy at birth of 79 years, indicator that surpass even some developed countries. This country offers World-Class Scenic and natural beauty, security around the visitor, Legal certainty for residential tourism investment projects, tax incentives for foreign investment, talented people/great human capital as a qualified work force as well as many other great advantages. Costa Rica has a solid proven track record with an overall an excellent business climate.



This region is part of the Osa Peninsula, claimed by National Geographic as “one of the most biologically intense regions on earth”, and a natural habitat for just about every type of wildlife known in the country. It is a place filled with exotic wildlife, friendly and diverse people and stunning natural landscapes. This region has the highest percentage of protected land dedicated to National Parks and Private Reserves. It includes Ballena Marine National Park, Caño Island Biological Reserve, the Térraba-Sierpe Mangroves, Corcovado National Park, Piedras Blancas National Park, Amistad International Park, Chirripó National Park, among many others. It contains an immensely varied topography, including high mountain plateaus to marine environments with tranquil beaches of pristine beauty and endless acres of lush rainforest and waterfalls.


Described by many as the “Best 25 mile corridor” in Central America, Bahia Ballena is a unique spot where the rainforest meets the Ocean. There are hidden treasures throughout the Bahia Ballena region of Costa Rica. Rushing rivers, majestic waterfalls, sun drenched beaches, and jungle covered mountains that drop right into the Pacific Ocean are all found in this natural paradise. Bahia Ballena, also known as “Costa Ballena” was named by locals because of the whales that mate off the coast of Bahia Ballena between the months of December and April.
It is described by many as one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world, with breathtaking beaches and fantastic views. Located in the southern Puntarenas province, this corridor includes the villages of Dominical, Uvita and Ojochal, all gravitating around the unique Marino Ballena National Park.





The town of Uvita is 3 miles from our project site. Uvita has direct access through two main excellent roads – coast or mountain. Its approximate driving time from the capital is 3:15 minutes or 125 miles/220km away – very confortable & safe drive on the new highway (Costanera). It is also well connected from various capital airports (international & municipal) daily flights, averaging 34 minutes of flight time from San Jose.

It is a convenient commercial hub for the many popular beach destinations nearby, offering a complete variety of every day amenities to make life very convenient. These include: restaurants, luxury hotels, supermarkets, appliance stores, art & craft vendors, banks, veterinarian, pharmacies, etc. It also has health care facilities and a major hospital nearby. Its own beach, part of the Marino Ballena National Park, is a great place to watch migrating humpback whales combined with exuberant rainforest. It’s shaped like a whale’s tale due to the fact that it’s situated where two neighboring bays meet. It’s great for swimming and snorkeling and spotting the olive Ridley and Hawksbill sea turtles that come onshore to lay their eggs.



This very unique and vast property is 1.7 million square meters (equivalent to 425 acres). It has a direct entrance from main capital coastal highway (Costanera), with an easy 1 mile access from beach & main highway (Costanera) to property entrance – the only way in which provides security management all year long. Property has a “flatter” lower level to facilitate gardening and a beautiful secured entrance feel into the future Villa’s complex.

The property has overwhelming views overlooking at Parque Marino Ballenas and Delta Térraba-Sierpe, with 180 degrees view of the ocean front line & 180 degrees to the High point view of Margarita Sierra Costeña (the highest rainforest mountain on the Pacific). It has abundant amount of natural water springs and astonishing wildlife. Easy to connect: power lines, water services and telephone/internet lines (ICE) services.


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Finca Ron Ron resort is located in a hidden natural treasure, to become a vanguard “greenfield” development opportunity. The project mission is to build an extraordinary Eco-luxury, jungle-loft and ocean views resort in the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica, Bahia Ballena.

This location is home to the largest area of protected lands, designated to parks and natural reserves.

Finca Ron Ron’s modern architectural design revolves around natural forms and materials that blend seamlessly with exotic botanical gardens. A series of Eco-friendly structures will be built by applying low- impact construction. They will be respectfully integrated, accommodating and working with the natural landscape.

The seven jungle-loft homes will contain 2 and 3 bedrooms/bathrooms and will be powered with smart management platforms. Each home will be equipped with remote smart monitoring systems, off-grid renewable energy system, composting & fresh water filtration systems, air-conditioning, among others.



The investment opportunity relates to the real-estate development of Finca Ron Ron. Seven units will be built using an eco-luxury, tree-house alike architectural design.

The units will be rented using a vacation model for one of the world’s most popular tourist markets in the Americas. Our focus is on delivering a proper ty with a low-carbon-footprint , a state of-the-art residential oasis. These will provide immediate access to guests to tropical fauna, nature paths and river/waterfalls observatories. The resort will facilitate a return to nature for its clients, providing a barefoot luxury experience, while maintaining a strong commitment to protecting the local ecology and natural resources.

This investment opportunity provides attractive financial returns as well as a noble contribution to a conservationist goal.

Marino Ballena National Park is close to Manuel Antonio National Park, Corcovado National Park, Caño Island Biological Reserve, Terraba-Sierpe Mangrove,, among others. It offers activities such as: hiking/trekking, horseback riding, canopy tours, birds and whales observation, surfing an/or boating trips that will provide you with the perfect window into our fascinating world of exotic wildlife.

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We present our testing unit Home, integrated, fully sustainable home on current property.

As an overview our concept is for all built homes to flow in nature (minimum earth movement), fully integrating into environment/rain-forest, all based on modular luxury designs and fully renewable energy based.

The resort will blend into the terrain to maximize the 360 degree views of the surrounding rain forest and ocean beyond Finca Ron Ron will provide a barefoot-luxury, private haven in the midst of raw nature. The Eco-lodge community will be connected by low-impact electric vehicle paths, lounging areas and observatories overlooking the many nature-trails within the property.

The project team has carried out years of research and carried out advanced and detailed on-site planning consisting of: a pre-master plan, pre-architectural layouts, site topography and an Eco-integration concept based on a solid vacation rental/hotel market study conducted by internal and external professionals, which are all integrated into the financial plan.

Conservative assumptions are built in to our modeling to ensure investment accuracy in the expected returns.


As part of our commitment to the environment, this project will help create a new natural reserve. Approximately 300 acres/120 hectares of the property (or about 70%) will be set aside as a natural reserve, with conservation programs, natural hiking trails and meditation spots for connecting and interacting with nature without even leaving the property. This project contributes immensely to carbon credit generation and lowering our foot-print.

The building process will be environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout the entire project’s life- cycle of design, construction and maintenance. Advances in technology have improved the efficiency of solar power systems, wind turbines, water catchment and reverse osmosis systems.

Characteristics of the site will include the following to ensure a reduced impact to the environment:

  • Solar and wind generated power will be used throughout the resort
  • Each estate will be self-sufficient with water, power and sewer
  • All vehicles will be electric powered on the site
  • Hydroponic farming
  • Efficiently using energy, water, and other resources
  • Protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity
  • Reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation through responsible activities and active recycling.

Informational materials in each estate and in common facilities will explain the significance of the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.


The architecture will offer drama of form and texture with interiors that transition seamlessly with exterior spaces. By connecting a series of smaller forms, our villas will blend into the landscape and maximize views of the surrounding rain forest and ocean beyond. Drawing upon the natural traits of the property and the region, our home designs will blend natural and modern design to provide a private haven. Our homes will set a new standard for the region.


The project team is composed of a highly experienced entrepreneurs, real estate developers and international experts who truly understand the needs and desires of the project and investors. Every member of the team brings a unique talent and expertise that compliments the entire team and adds to its synergistic effectiveness. Project’ team has unrelenting passion and zeal, and will not stop until we reach our goal of ultimate success for ourselves, our clients and investor partners.

The project is lead by Mr. Diego Belmonte, a reflection of his personal vision and “dream”. As the lead investor & developer/entrepreneur, Mr. Belmonte has an international environmental engineering background, possessing vast finance and project expertise in various fields. The team has been involved in many sustainable infrastructure projects worldwide, with particular experience in Costa Rica Real Estate. The team is dedicated to creating projects that are uniquely crafted, such as Finca Ron Ron. They are positioned, not only to fully develop this project but to engage reputable, first-class contractors, ready to select ony the best international and local providers to ensure the project is successful from design to completion.

Up to date, Mr. Belmonte and his team have been responsible for its meticulous planning and its preparation that has been carried out. The team is highly motivated to partner with new investors on the project in order to ensure its successful realization, having plenty of equity invested and “skin on the game”.